Reports  (J-PARC TH)

J-PARC-TH-0116   Tomography and gravitational radii for hadrons by three-dimensional structure functions
S. Kumano, Qin-Tao Song, and O. Teryaev

J-PARC-TH-0115  3D structure of hadrons by generalized distribution amplitudes and gravitational form factors
S. Kumano, Qin-Tao Song, and O.V. Teryaev
arXiv:1711.10086v1 [hep-ph] 28 Nov. 2017
J-PARC-TH-0114  Standard convolution description of deuteron tensor spin structure,
W. Cosyn, Yu-Bing Dong, S. Kumano, M. Sargsian,
Conference: C17-04-03.1
arXiv:1709-08400 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0113  Proceedings, 14th International Conference on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon (MENU 2016) Kyoto, Japan, July 25-30, 2016
Y .Goto., A. Hosaka, S. Kumano, M . Niyama, H. Ohnishi, T. Sato, S. Yokkaichi
JPS Conf. Proc. 13(2017)
J-PARC-TH-0112  Uesaka
J-PARC-TH-0111   Kitazawa
J-PARC-TH-0110   Kitazawa
J-PARC-TH-0109   Equation of state in (2+1)-flavor QCD at physical point with improved Wilson fermion action using gradient flow
WHOT-QCD Collaboration: Kazuyuki Kanaya, Shinji Ejiri, Ryo Iwami, Masakiyo Kitazawa, Hiroshi Suzuki, Yusuke Taniguchi, Takashi Umeda
arXiv:1710.10015 (hep-lat)
J-PARC-TH-0108  The issue of gauge choice in the Landau problem and the physics of canonical and mechanical orbital angular momenta,
M. Wakamatsu, Y. Kitadono, and P.-M. Zhang

arXiv:1709.09766 [hep-ph]
 By K.Tanaka
J-PARC-TH-0106  Hidden-charm and bottom meson-baryon molecules coupled with five-quark states 
Y. Yamaguchi et al.,  (Belle Collaboration)

J-PARC-TH-0105  Angular analysis of the e+e− → D(∗)±D∗∓ process near the open charm threshold using initial-state radiation
V. Zhukova et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0104  Study of η and dipion transitions in Υ(4S) decays to lower bottomonia
E. Guido et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0103  Search for Λ+c→φpπ0 and branching fraction measurement of Λ+c→K−π+pπ0 decays
B. Pal et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0102  Evidence for isospin violation and measurement of $CP$ asymmetries in $B \to K^\ast (892) \gamma$
T. Horiguchi et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0101  Invariant-mass and fractional-energy dependence of inclusive production of di-hadrons in e+e− annihilation at √s = 10.58 GeV
R. Seidl et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0100 Production cross sections of hyperons and charmed baryons from e+e− annihilation near √s = 10.52 GeV
M. Niiyama et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0099 Measurement of branching ratio and search for $CP$ violation in $D^0 \to K^0_S K^0_S$ decays
N. Dash et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0098 Measurement of branching fraction and direct CP asymmetry in charmless B+ → K+K−π+ decays at Belle
C.-L. Hsu et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0097 Correlations of Energy-Momentum Tensor via Gradient Flow in SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory at Finite Temperature
By Masakiyo Kitazawa, Takumi Iritani, Masayuki Asakawa, Tetsuo Hatsuda
arXiv:1708.01415 [hep-lat]
J-PARC-TH-0096 Photon production spectrum above Tc with a lattice quark propagator
By Taekwang Kim, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa
arXiv:1705.00755 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0095 Global analysis of the structure functions F2 of the proton at small Q2
H.Kamano and S. Kumano
Low-energy η-nucleon interaction studied with η photoproduction off the deuteron
S.X. Nakamura(Osaka Univ.) H.Kamano(KEK, J-PARC), T.Ishikawa(ELPH, Tohoku Univ)
J-PARC-TH-0093 Observation of an alternative χc0(2P) candidate in e+e− → J/ψD ¯ D  
K. Chilikin et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0092 First measurement of T -odd moments in D0→K0Sπ+π−π0 decays
K. Prasanth et al., (Belle Collaboration)
arXiv:1703.05721 [hep-ex]
J-PARC-TH-0091 Measurement of the Decays B→ηℓν ℓ   and B→η ′ ℓν ℓ   in Fully Reconstructed Events at Belle
C. Beleno et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0090 Search for B→hνν¯ decays with semileptonic tagging at Belle
J. Grygier et al., (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0089 Properties and uses of factorial cumulants in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
By  Masakiyo Kitazawa, Xiaofeng Luo

J-PARC-TH-0088   Dynamical evolution of critical fluctuations and its observation in heavy ion collisions
by Miki Sakaida, Masayuki Asakawa, Hirotsugu Fujii, Masakiyo Kitazawa
arXiv:1703.08008 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0087   By K.Tanaka

Hadron tomography by generalized distribution amplitudes in pion-pair production process gamma +gamma  →π0π0
by  S.Kumano, Qin-Tao Song OV. Teryaev

J-PARC-TH-0085   Repulsion and absorption of the $\Sigma$-nucleus potential for $\Sigma^-$-$^5$He in the $^6$Li($\pi^-$,~$K^+$) reaction
By Toru Harada,  Ryotaro Honda, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi

More efficient formulas for efficiency correction of cumulants and effect of using averaged efficiency
By Toshihiro Nonaka, Masakiyo Kitazawa, ShinIchi Esumi



Tensor-polarized structure function b1 by convolution description for deuteron
By W. Cosyn, Yu-Bing Dong. S.Kumano. And M.Sargsian

J-PARC-TH-0082  Spin asymmetry for proton-deuteron Drell-Yan process with tensor-polarized deuteron
By S. Kumano, Qin-Tao Song
J-PARC-TH-0081  Lepton-Flavor-Dependent Angular Analysis of B→K*ℓ+ℓ
By S. Wehle et al., (Belle Collaboration)
 J-PARC-TH-0080 Measurement of the τ lepton polarization and R(D) in the decay B¯Dτ−ν¯
By S. Hirose, et al., (Belle Collaboration)

Search for D0 decays to invisible final states at Belle
By Y.-T. Lai et al., (Belle Collaboration)


Search for the 0−− Glueball in Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) decays
By S. Jia et al., (Belle Collaboration)

J-PARC-TH-0077  Observation of D0→ρ0γ and search for CP violation in radiative charm decays
By T. Nanut et al., (Belle Collaboration)
 J-PARC-TH-0076  Search for a dark vector gauge boson decaying to π+π− using η→π+π−γ decays
E. Won, et al. (Belle Collaboration)
J-PARC-TH-0075   Nucleon resonance structure in the finite volume of lattice QCD
J.-J. Wu, H. Kamano, T.-S. H. Lee, D. B. Leinweber, and A. W. Thomas
 J-PARC-TH-0074 Hadron tomography studies by generalized parton distributions and distribution amplitudes
S. Kumano

J-PARC-TH-0073  Temperature dependence of topological susceplibility using gradient flow
Yusuke Taniguchi, Shinji Ejiri , Kazuyuki Kanaya, Msakiyo Kitazawa,Hiroshi Suzuki, Tkashi Umeda, Ryo Iwami, Naoki Wakabayashi
J-PARC-TH-0072 Equation of state in (2+1)-flavor QCD with gradient flow
Kazuyuki Kitazawa, Shinji Ejiri, Ryo Iwami, Masakiyo Kitazawa, Hiroshi Suzuki, Yusuke Taniguchi, Takashi Umeda, Naoki Wakabayashi

J-PARC-TH-0071 Equation of State for SU(3) Gauge Theory via the Energy-Momentum Tensor under Gradient Flow 
Masakiyo Kitazawa, Takumi Iritani, Masayuki Asakaa, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Hiroshi Suzuki

J-PARC-TH-0070  In-medium dispersion relations of charmonia studied by maximum entropy method
Atsuro Ikeda, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa

J-PARC-TH-0069 Understanding experimentally-observed fluctuations 
Masakiyo Kitazawa, Masayuki Aakaa

arxiv:1610.06259 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0068 On the production of a neutron-rich $^6_\Lambda$H hypernucleus in the $^6$Li($\pi^-$,~$K^+$)
Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi

J-PARC-TH-0067 Non-perturbative production rate of photons with a lattice quark propagator: effect of vertex  
Taekwang Kim, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa

J-PARC-TH-0066 Estimate on spin asymmetry for Drell-Yan process at Fermilab with tensor-polarized deuteron 
S. Kumano, Qin-Tao Song

J-PARC-TH-0065 Exotic-hadron Signature by Constituent-Counting Rule in Perturbative QCD 
Wen-Chen Chang, H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, T.Sekihara
J-PARC-TH-0064  Nf=2+1 QCD thermodynamics from gradient flow
Yusuke Taniguchi, Shinji Ejiri,  Ryo Iwami, Kazuyuki Kanaya, Masakiyo Kitazawa, Hiroshi Suzuki, Takashi Umeda, Naoki Wakabayashi
J-PARC-TH-0063  The hidden charm pentaquarks are the hidden color-octet $uud$ baryons?
Sachiko Takeuchi , Makoto Takizawa
arXiv:1608.05475 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0062  Thermal blurring of event-by-event fluctuations provoked by rapidity conversion 
Yutaro Ohnishi, Masakiyo Kitazawa, Masayuki Asakawa (Osaka U.)
arXiv:1606.03827 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0061  Towards establishing low-lying Lambda and Sigma hyperon resonances with Kbar + d --> pi + Y + N reaction" 
H. Kamano, T.-S. H. Lee
J-PARC-TH-0060  Firsr Monte Carlo analysis of fragmentation functions from single-inclusive e+e-annihilation
N. Sato, J.J. Ethier, W. Melnitichouk, M. Hirai, S. Kumano, A. Accardi

J-PARC-TH-0059  Measurement of the branching ratio of $\bar{B}^0$ $D^{*+} \tau^- \bar{\nu}_\tau$ relative to $\bar{B}^0$ $D^{*+} l^- \bar{\nu}_l$ decays with a semileptonic tagging method
Makoto Takizawa
J-PARC-TH-0058  Study of Excited Ξc States Decaying into Ξ0 c and Ξ+ c Baryons 
Makoto Takizawa
arXiv:1607.07123v1 [hep-ex]25 July 2016
J-PARC-TH-0057  Measurement of the CKM angle ϕ1 in B0 → D(∗)0h0, D0 → K0 Sπ+π− decays with time-dependent binned Dalitz plot analysis
Makoto Takizawa
arXiv:1607.05813v2 [hep-ex] 22Jul2016
J-PARC-TH-0056  Unravelling the physical meaning of the Jaffe-Manohar decomposition of the nucleo
Masashi Wakamatsu
J-PARC-TH-0055  Heavy Hadrons in Nuclear Matter
Atsushi Hosaka, Tetsuo Hyodo, Kazutaka Sudoh, Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shigehiro Yasui 
J-PARC-TH-0054  Tensor-polarized structure function b1 in the standard model of deuteron
W. Cosyn, Y. B Dong, S. Kumano, et al 

J-PARC-TH-0053  Theoretical estimate on tensor-polarized spin asymmetry in proton-deuteron Drell-Yan process
S. Kumano and Qin-Tao Song
J-PARC-TH-0052  Towards Construction of a Unified Model for the Neutrino-Nucleus Reactions
Y. Hayato, M. Hirai, W.. Horiuchi, H. Kamano, . S. .Kumano, T. Murata, S..X. Nakamura, K. Saito, M. Sakuda, T. Sato

arXiv:1610.01464 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0051  Isospin decomposition of γN→N transitions within a dynamical coupled-channels model
H. kamano
,.S. X Nakamura, T-S. H. .Lee, T.Sato
J-PARC-TH-0050  Nuclear effects in deep inelastic scattering and transition region
S. Kumano
J-PARC-TH-0049  Progress on nuclear modifications of structure functions
S. Kumano

arXiv:1601.06499 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0048 Accessing proton generalized parton distributions and pion distribution amplitudes with exclusive pion-induced Drell-Yan process at J-PARC
Tkahiro Sawada, Wen-Chen Chang, Shunzo Kumano,Jen-Chieh Peng,Shinya Saawda, Kazuhiro Tanaka
J-PARC-TH-0047  Constituent-counting rule in photoproduciton of hyperon resonances
When-Chen Chang, S. Kumano, Takayasu Sekihara
arXiv:1512.06647 [hep-ph] 
J-PARC-TH-0046  Exotic Hadrons with Heavy Flavors -X, Y, Z and Related States-
Atsushi Hosaka,Toru Iijima, Kenkichi Miyabayashi, Yoshihide Sakai, Shigehiro Yasui
J-PARC-TH-0045  Spin Physics at J-PARC
S. Kumano
J-PARC-TH-0044  Application of a coupled-channel Complex Scaling Method with Feshbach projection to the K-pp system
Akinobu Dote, Takashi Inoue, Takayuki Myo
arXiv:1411.0348 [nucl-th]
J-PARC-TH-0043  Internal structure of exotic hadrons by high-energy exclusive reactions
H. Kawamura, S. Kumano and T. Sekihara
arXiv:1410.0494 [hep-ph] 
J-PARC-TH-0042   Determining Compositeness of Hadronic Resonances: the Λ(1405) Radiative Decay and the a0(980)-f0(980) Mixing
T. Sekihara and S. Kumano 

arXiv:1411.3414 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0041   A constraint on K Kbar compositeness of the a0(980) and f0(980) resonances from their mixing intensity
T. Sekihara and S. Kumano  
arXiv:1409.2213 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0040  Clustering structure of nuclei in deep inelastic processes
M..Hirai S. Kumano, K. Saito T. Watanabe
J-PARC-TH-0039  Transverse-spin gluon distribution function
Kazuhiro Tanaka

arXiv:1408.1747 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0038  Tensor-polarized structure functions: Tensor structure of deuteron in 2020’s
S. Kumano, arXiv:1407.3852 [hep-ph], to be published in Proceedings of IOP Conference
Series Tensor Polarized Solid Target Workshop, JLab, Newport News, USA, March 10-12, 2014
J-PARC-TH-0037   Double-pole nature of Lambda(1405) studied with coupled-channel complex scaling method using complex-range Gaussian basis
Akinobu Dote, Takayuki Myo
 [nucl-th] Nucl.Phys. A930 (2014) 86 
J-PARC-TH-0036   Continuum ppΛ spectrum of the 3He(K−, π−) reaction with continuum discretized coupled channels
Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
J-PARC-TH-0035  Heavy quark symmetry in multi-hadron systems
Y. Yamaguchi, S. Ohkoda, A. Hosaka, T. Hyodo, S. Yasui 

e-Print arXiv:1402.5222 [hep-ph] 
J-PARC-TH-0034   Exotic hadron production in hard exclusive reactions  
H. Kawamura, S. Kumano,T. Sekihara
arXiv:1402.0623[hep-ph], PoS Hadron2013(2014)094. Proceedings of the XV International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
(Hadorn 2013), Nara, Japan, November 4-8, 2013
J-PARC-TH-0033  The ΣNN quasibound states in 3He(K−; π∓) reactions at 600 MeV/c
Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
, Phys. Rev.C89 (2014)054603 
J-PARC-TH-0032   QCD Sum Rules for Quark-Gluon Three-Body Components in the B Meson
T. Nishikawa and K.Tanaka
arXiv:1109.6786[hep-ph], Nucl. Phys. B879 (2014)110-142
J-PARC-TH-0031  Determination of compositeness of the Lambda(1405) resonance from the radiative decay,
S. Kumano and T. Sekihara

arXiv:1311.4637 [nucl-th], Phys. rev. C89(2014) 025202 
J-PARC-TH-0030   Decays of Zb -> Upsilon + pi via triangle diagrams in heavy meson molecules
Shunsuke Ohkoda, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka 

arXiv:1310.3029 [hep-ph], Phys. Rev. D89(2014)074029 
J-PARC-TH-0029  Exotic dibaryons with a heavy antiquark
Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka
arXiv:1309.4324 [nucl-th],Nucl. Phys. A927(2014)110?118
J-PARC-TH-0028   Signature of strange dibaryons in kaon- and photon-induced reactions
Shota Ohnishi, Yoichi Ikeda, Hiroyuki Kamano, Toru Sato 

arXiv:1302.2301 [nucl-th] ,Phys. Rev. C88(2013) 025204 
J-PARC-TH-0027   Studies of exotic hadrons by high-energy exclusive reactions
H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, and T. Sekihara

arXiv:1312.1749 [hep-ph], Proccedings of the 12th Asia Pacific Physics Cofernence (APPC12),JPS Cong. Proc.013043(2014)1-4. 
J-PARC-TH-0026  Determination of exotic hadron structure by constituent-counting rule for hard exclusive processes
H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, T. Sekihara,
arXiv:1307.0362[hep-ph], Phys.Rev. D88 (2013) 034010
J-PARC-TH-0025   Spin degeneracy in multi-hadron systems with a heavy quark 
S. Yasui, K. Sudoh, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Ohkoda, A. Hosaka, T. Hyodo

arXiv:1304.5293 [hep-ph] 
J-PARC-TH-0024   Neutrino-induced meson productions off nucleon at forward limit in nucleon resonance region
S. X. Nakamura , H. Kamano , T.-S. H. Lee and T. Sato

Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Neutrino Nucleus Interactions in Few-GeV Region (NUINT 12), 22-27 Oct 2012. Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, in press
J-PARC-TH-0023  Toward Construction of the Unified Lepton-Nucleus Interaction Model from a Few Hundred MeV to GeV Region
S. X. Nakamura , Y. Hayato, M. Hirai , H. Kamano, S. Kumano, M. Sakuda,K. Saito, and T. Sato
Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Neutrino Nucleus Interactions in Few-GeV Region (NUINT 12), 22-27 Oct 2012. Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil.
J-PARC-TH-0022 Modification of hadronic spectral functions under extreme conditions: An approach based on QCD sum rules and the maximum entropy method
Philipp Gubler, Kei Suzuki, Kenji Morita, Makoto Oka
Nucl. Phys. A 914 (2013) 512 
J-PARC-TH-0021  Tomography of exotic hadrons in high-energy exclusive processes
H. Kawamura and S. Kumano
arXiv:1312.1596[hep-ph],Phys. Rev. D89(2014) 054007
J-PARC-TH-0020  Production of hyperon resonances induced by kaon on a deuteron target
J. Yamagata-Sekihara, T. Sekihara, D. Jido
arXiv:1210.6108 [nucl-th],
PTEP 2013 (2013) 043D02. 
J-PARC-TH-0019  Formation of eta-prime(958)-mesic nuclei by (p,d) reaction
H. Nagahiro, D. Jido, H. Fujioka, K. Itahashi, S. Hirenzaki
arXiv:1211.2506v1 [nucl-th],
Phys. Rev. C 87 (2013) 045201. 
J-PARC-TH-0018  Production of doubly charmed tetraquarks with exotic color configurations in electron-positron collisions 
T. Hyodo, Y-R. Liu, M. Oka, K. Sudoh, S. Yasui
arXiv:1209.6207 [hep-ph],
Phys. Lett. B 721 (2013) 56 
J-PARC-TH-0017  The Physics of the B Factories
A,V Bevan et al.(S.Kumano)
arXiv:1406.6311[hep-ex], to be published
J-PARC-TH-0016  Extraction of Meson Resonances from Three-pions Photo-production Reactions
S. X. Nakamura, H. Kamano, T.-S. H. Lee, T. Sato
Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 114012
J-PARC-TH-0015  Impacts of B-factory measurements on determination of fragmentation functions from electron-positron annihilation data
M. Hirai, H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, K.saito
arXiv:1608.04067 [hep-ph]
J-PARC-TH-0014 Neutrino-induced forward meson-production reactions in nucleon resonance region
H. Kamano, S. X. Nakamura, T.-S. H. Lee, T. Sato
arXiv:1207.5724v1 [nucl-th], 
Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 097503 
J-PARC-TH-0013 Comprehensive application of a coupled-channel complex scaling method to the KbarN-piY system
Akinobu Dote, Takashi Inoue, Takayuki Myo

Nucl. Phys. A 912 (2013) 66. 
J-PARC-TH-0012  TheKd →πΣn reaction revisited
Daisuke Jido, Eulogic Oset, Takayasu Sekihara
arXiv:1207.5350v1 [nucl-th]
Eur. J. Phys. A 49 (2013) 95. 
J-PARC-TH-0011  A narrow DNN quasi-bound state
M. Bayar, C. W. Xiao, T. Hyodo, A. Dote, M. Oka, E. Oset
arXiv:1205.2275 [hep-ph],

Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012) 044004 
J-PARC-TH-0010  Thermal Modification of Bottomonium Spectra from QCD Sum Rules with Maximum Entropy Method,
Kei Suzuki, Philipp Gubler, Kenji Morita, Makoto Ok
arXiv:1204.1173v1 [hep-ph],
Nucl. Phys. A 897 (2013) 28. 
J-PARC-TH-0009  Feasibility Study of Observing eta' Mesic Nuclei with (p,d) Reaction,
Kenta Itahashi, Hiroyuki Fujioka, Hans Geissel, Ryugo S. Hayano, Satoru Hirenzaki, Satoshi Itoh, Daisuke Jido, Volker Metag, Hideko Nagahiro,
Mariana Nanova, Takahiro Nishi, Kota Okochi, Haruhiko Outa, Ken Suzuki, Takatoshi Suzuki,Yoshiki K. Tanaka, Helmut Weick

arXiv:1203.6720v1 [nucl-ex],
Prog. Theor. Phys. 128 (2012) 601. 
J-PARC-TH-0008   Meson-induced pentaquark productions  
Tetsuo Hyodo, Atsushi Hosaka and Makoto Oka 
arXiv:1203.0598v1 [nucl-th],
Prog. Theor. Phys. 128 (2012) 523. 
J-PARC-TH-0007   Strategy to find the two Lambda(1405) states from lattice QCD simulations
A. Mart
ínez Torres, M. Bayar, D. Jido, E. Oset
arXiv:1202.4297v1 [hep-lat]
Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012) 055201. 
J-PARC-TH-0006  Discrimination of Sigma-nucleus potentials in the angular distribution of elastic scattering of Sigma^- hyperons from nuclei:
Toru Harada, Yoshiharu Hirabayashi 
arXiv:1201.2214v1 [nucl-th]
Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012) 014606. 
J-PARC-TH-0005   Compositeness of dynamically generated states in a chiral unitary approach
Tetsuo Hyodo, Daisuke Jido, Atsushi Hosaka
arXiv:1108.5524v2 [nucl-th],
Phys. Rev. C 85 (2012) 015201.
J-PARC-TH-0004   Branching ratios of mesonic and nonmesonic antikaon absorptions in nuclear medium
Takayasu Sekihara, Junko Yamagata-Sekihara, Daisuke Jido, Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo
arXiv:1204.3978v1 [nucl-th],
Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012) 065205.
J-PARC-TH-0003  Valence quark and meson cloud contributions for the gamma* Lambda -> Lambda* and gamma* Sigma0 -> Lambda* reactions
G. Ramalho, D. Jido, K. Tsushima
arXiv:1202.2299v1 [hep-ph],
Phys. Rev. D 85 (2012) 093014.
J-PARC-TH-0002   Selected topics on parton distribution functions
M. Hirai, H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, and K. Saito

arXiv:1111.0353 [hep-ph],
AIP Conf. Proc. 1418 (2011) 154. 
J-PARC-TH-0001  Test of CDF dijet anomaly within the standard model
H. Kawamura, S. Kumano, and Y. Kurihara
arXiv:1110.6243 [hep-ph],
Phys. Rev. D 84 (2011) 114003.