KEK theory center project:
@High-energy and high-density material sciences by J-PARC

The purposes of this KEK theory center project on "High-energy and high-density material sciences by J-PARC" are
  • Creation of new resarch fields and projects on high-energy and high-density material sciences associated with J-PARC,
  • Promotion of J-PARC projects, especially on hadron physics, by close collaborations among theorists and experimentalists,
  • Discussions on experimental results,
  • New experimental proposals for J-PARC,
  • Promotion of exchanges among researchers on J-PARC projects in Japan,
  • Internationalization of J-PARC projects.
We try to realize these aims by organizeing workshops, collaboration meetings, and seminars among not only theorists
but also experimentalists. The activities are listed in the left [MENU].

Principle Invesigator: Shunzo Kumano

Members Institution Title Field
Akinobu Dote KEK / J-PARC Associate Professor Strangeness Nuclear Physics
Kazunori Itakura KEK / J-PARC Associate Professor Heavy-Ion Physics
Shunzo Kumano KEK / J-PARC Professor High-Energy Hadron Physics
Osamu Morimatsu KEK / J-PARC Associate Professor Exotic Hadrons
Toru Harada Osaka Electro-Communicaton University / KEK Visiting Professor Strangeness Nuclear Physics
Masakiyo Kitazawa Osaka University / KEK Visiting Assistant Professor Heavy-Ion Physics
Toru Sato Osaka University / KEK Visiting Associate Professor Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions
Makoto Takizawa Osaka University / KEK Visiting Associate Professor Charm Physics, Exotic Hadrons
Kazuhiro Tanaka Juntendo University / KEK Visiting Associate Professor Nucleon Structure
Hiroyuki Kamano KEK Postdoctral Fellow Resonance Physics
Masashi Wakamatsu KEK Collaborative Fellow Nucleon Spin Structure
Qin-Tao Song Graduate University for Advanced Studies / KEK Graduate Student High-energy Hadron Physics

Associate Members Institution Title Field
Motoi Endo KEK Associate Professor Paticle Phenomenology
Shoji Hashimoto KEK Professor Lattice QCD
Takashi Kaneko KEK Associate Professor Lattice QCD
Ryuichiro Kitano KEK Professor Paticle Phenomenology
Mihoko Nojiri KEK Professor Paticle Phenomenology
Norikazu Yamada KEK Associate Professor Lattice QCD