Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC

(J-PARC 素粒子原子核セミナー)

DATE: 2014February 18th 16:00〜17:00

PLACE: Tokai 1st building 116
      Room 345 Building #4, Tsukuba-campus (video connection )

New results from T2K


SPEAKER: Dr. Akihiro Minamino (Kyoto University)

CONTACT: Prof. Satoshi Mihara, j-parc-pn-seminar-(AT)


The T2K collaboration reports two new results using a data set consisting of 6.57 \times 10^{20} protons on target. Muon neutrino disappearance analyses produce world-leading precision in the measurement of the neutrino mixing parameter \theta_{23}. Moreover, electron neutrino appearance analyses constrain a CP violating phase \delta_{CP} by combining our results with the \theta_{13} values measured by reactor experiments. Our paper on the electron neutrino appearance analyses (PRL 112, 061802 (2014)) was selected for aViewpoint in Physics of APS, .In addition to the above results, study on future sensitivities of T2K will be presented.