Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC

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DATE: 2013 December 25th 13:30

PLACE: Tokai 1st building 115

Neutrino-induced meson productions off nucleon in resonance region


SPEAKER: Dr. Satoshi Nakamura (Osaka University)

CONTACT: Prof. Shunzo Kumano, j-parc-pn-seminar-(AT)


Future neutrino experiments are planned to address questions such as leptonic CP violation and mass hierarchy. For this purpose, it is essential to have more quantitative understanding of the neutrino-nucleus scattering. The neutrino energy spans rather wide range including the nucleon resonance region for which we have been working. We have developed a dynamical coupled-channels (DCC) model that describes piN, gamma N -> piN, etaN, KLambda, KSigma reactions. We extend the DCC model to work on the neutrino reactions. In this presentation, I explain the DCC model, and show the quality of the fit to the piN and gammaN data. Then I discuss our strategy for extending the DCC model to the neutrino reactions. As a first step, we study the forward neutrino-induced meson productions using the PCAC hypothesis, for which I present numerical results.