Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC

(J-PARC 素粒子原子核セミナー)

DATE: 2015 August 20th 14:30〜15:30

PLACE: J-PARC Research building, Meeting room on the 4th floor

Confronting Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions at E_nu~1 GeV with the NuPRISM Detector


SPEAKER: Dr. Mark Hartz(Kavli IPMU University of Tokyo and TRIUMF)

CONTACT: Prof. Shunzo Kumano,


Over the past decade, the modeling of ~GeV neutrino interactions on nuclei has seen rapid development as new calculations of nuclear effects such as 2p-2h contributions and long range correlations have been incorporated into models in an attempt to describe measurements of CCQE-like interactions made by MiniBooNE, MINERvA, T2K and other experiments.  While significant progress has been made, disagreements between models are still large and no model has been able to fully describe the data from all experiments.  Uncertainties on the modeling of nuclear effects are a potentially critical source of systematic uncertainty for neutrino oscillation measurements, since oscillation measurements rely on the models to relate the final state observables to the neutrino energy (on which the oscillations depend). The proposed NuPRISM detector will take advantage of the off-axis effect in the J-PARC muon neutrino beam to probe the relationship between neutrino energy and observed final states, greatly reducing this source of systematic error in a largely model independent way. NuPRISM also offers a novel method to search for short baseline neutrino oscillations by searching for the oscillation pattern in a range of neutrino spectra at different off-axis angles. I will present the NuPRISM detector and describe its capability to address these and other outstanding issues in the modeling of neutrino interactions for oscillation measurements.