Workshop on "Physics of heavy-quark and exotic hadronsh  Jan.27th-29th, 2020 
KEK workshop on Nucleon electric dipole moments and spin structure in 2020  Jan.11th, 2020 
Progress on QCD and nucleon structure in 2019 Feb.28th-Mar.1st, 2019
Workshop on Neutrino-nucleus reactions and neutrino interactions Feb.22nd, 2019 
Workshop on Progress on hadorn structure functions in 2018  Nov.18th-Nov.19th, 2018
8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics Nov.13th-Nov.17th, 2018
Hadron structure and interaction in dense matter (Satellite workshop of QNP2018) Nov.11th-Nov.12th, 2018 
Mini-workshop on GPD studies at JLab, J-PARC and future EIC May.8th, 2018
Exotic Hadrons 2018  Mar.5th-Mar.7th, 2018 
Workshop on "Progress on Hadron Physics at J-PARC "(in Japanese) Feb.1st-Feb.2nd, 2018
Workshop on Gravitational physics with particle accelarators 2017 Nov.30th, 2017 
Workshop on Neutrino-nucleus interaction in a few GeV region Nov.18th-Nov.19th, 2017 
Workshop Dynamics of heavy -ion collisions at J-PARC HI Sep.11th 2017
Mini-workshop on Origin of nucleon mass and its decomposition Sep.1st, 2017
12th Meeting on high-energy QCD and nucleon structure July 7th, 2017
Workshop on "Structures and Interactions of Heavy Quark Hadrons  Mar.1st-Mar.3rd 2017 
Workshop on prospects of Electron-Ion-Collider project Aug.3rd, 2016 
International workshop on J-PARC hadron physics in 2016  Mar.2nd-Mar.4th,2016 
Workshop and informal meeting on "Hadrons in Nuclear medium III"(in Japanese) Oct.17th-Oct.20th, 2015
Joint Workshop of Strangeness and charm hadron physics  (in Japanese) Aug.3-Aug.7,2015 
Spinfest 2015 July 6th-July.31st, 2015 
Workshop on Progress on J-PARC hadron physics in 2014   Nov.30.-Dec.2,2014  
Workshop and informal meeting on "Hadrons in Nuclear medium@U(in Japanese)   Oct.24-25,2014 
Mini workshop on "Structure and productions of charmed baryons II"   Aug.7-9,2014  
Workshop on High-energy QCD and nucleon structure   Mar. 7-8, 2014 
KEK theory center workshop on J-PARC hadron physics in 2014   Feb. 10-12,2014  
Hadron-structure physics at J-PARC and related topics   Mar. 18, 2013 
Future Prospects of Hadron Physics at J-PARC and Large Scale
Computational Physics  in 2013
Feb. 11-13, 2013 
Heavy Quark Hadrons at J-PARC 2012 (partly in English)  June. 25-29,2012 
Future Prospects of Hadron Physics at J-PARC and Large Scale Computational Physics
(program, slides, photo, participant list
 Feb. 9-11,2012 
Meeting on Hadorn Nuclear Theory at J-PARC (in Japanese)   Dec.16-17,2011