Workshop on 'Future Prospects of Hadron Physics
at J-PARC and Large Scale Computational Physics'

Feb. 9 (Thu) - 11 (Sat), 2012
2F Conference room, Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center
162-1, Shirakata, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1106, Japan



    (J-PARC branch, KEK theory center)


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--------------------------------- February 9 --------------------------------- -------------------------------------- *** Registration (10:00 - 10:30) *** -------------------------------------- 10:30-10:40 (10) S. Kumano (KEK) "Welcome to J-PARC theory activities" *** Chair: E. Hiyama (RIKEN/KEK) 10:40-11:20 (35+5) A. Gal (Hebrew University) "Lessons from hypernuclei" 11:20-11:45 (20+5) X.-R. Zhou (Xiamen University) "Deformed hypernuclei with the Skyrme Hartree-Fock approach" 11:45-12:10 (20+5) T. Muto (Chiba Institute of Technology) "Possibility of multi-antikaonic nuclei with hyperon-mixing" Lunch (12:10 - 13:10) *** Chair: K. Imai (JAEA) 13:10-13:25 (15) K. Nishikawa (KEK) "Welcome address" 13:25-13:55 (25+5) S. Nagamiya (J-PARC) "Present status on J-PARC" 13:55-14:20 (20+5) T. Motoba (Osaka Electro-Communication University) "Production of medium and heavy hypernuclei" Break (14:20 - 14:40) *** Chair: A. Dote (KEK) 14:40-15:05 (20+5) A. Cieply (Nuclear Physics Institute, Rez, Czech Republic) "Chirally motivated in-medium Kbar-N amplitudes" 15:05-15:30 (20+5) T. Yamazaki (University of Tokyo/RIKEN) "Double- and multi-Kbar nuclear systems to be produced by high-energy p + p and HI reactions" 15:30-15:55 (20+5) T. Koike (RIKEN) "Kbar-(NN) equivalent local potential from Kbar(NN)-pi(Sigma N) coupled channel model" Break (15.55 - 16:25) *** Chair: T. Maruyama (JAEA) 16:25-16:50 (20+5) U. Yakhshiev (Inha University) "Hadron properties in nuclear matter within the chiral soliton approach" 16:50-17:15 (20+5) H. Kamano (RCNP) "Dynamical coupled-channels study of hadron resonances and strangeness production" 17:15-17:40 (20+5) T. Sekihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "On a new approach to continuum path integrals for particles and fields" --------------------------------- February 10 --------------------------------- *** Chair: M. Oka (Tokyo Institute of Technology/KEK) 9:15-9:55 (35+5) S. H. Lee (Yonsei University) "Hadron physics with heavy quarks" 9:55-10:20 (20+5) S. Yasui (KEK) "Doubly charmed mesons from hadronic molecules" 10:20-10:45 (20+5) P. Gubler (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "Charmonia at finite temperature: an approach based on QCD sum rules and the maximum entropy method" Break (10:45 - 11:00) *** Chair: A. Hosaka (RCNP) 11:00-11:40 (35+5) H. Ohnishi (RIKEN) "Hadron physics: experiment" 11:40-12:05 (20+5) D. Jido (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics/KEK) "Partial restoration of chiral symmetry in nuclei" 12:05-12:30 (20+5) H. Nagahiro (Nara Women's University) "Formation of eta'(958) meson bound states in nuclei at J-PARC" Lunch (12:30 - 13:30) *** Chair: H. Kawamura (KEK) 13:30-14:10 (35+5) M. Strikman (Pennsylvania State University) "Probing short-range structure of hadrons and nuclei with high energy proton beams" 14:10-14:35 (20+5) K. Tanaka (Juntendo University) "Novel aspect of hadron structure from Drell-Yan processes at J-PARC" 14:35-15:00 (20+5) S. Sawada (KEK) "Possible hadron physics with high-momentum beam lines" Break (15:00 - 15:30) *** Chair: T. Sato (Osaka University/KEK) 15:30-15:55 (20+5) K. Ozawa (KEK) "Hadron spectroscopy with high momentum beam line at J-PARC" 15:55-16:20 (20+5) S. Ozaki (University of Tokyo) "Charmonium-hadron scatterings and exotics from lattice QCD" 16:20-16:45 (20+5) M. Sakuda (Okayama University) "Toward construction of the unified lepton-nucleus interaction model from tens of MeV to GeV region" 16:45-17:05 (10+10) T. R. Saito (GSI) "Recent results of the HypHI project at GSI" *** Poster session (17:05 - 18:40) **** - A. Dote (KEK) "Scattering and resonant state of Kbar-N system studied with coupled-channel complex scaling method" - S. Goda (Kyoto University) "Chiral condensate in nuclear matter based on in-medium chiral perturbation theory" - N. Ikeno (Nara Women's University) "Pionic atom spectroscopy in the (d,3He) reaction at RIKEN/RIBF" - T. Iritani (Kyoto University) "Lattice QCD analysis for confinement from FP and Dirac eigenmodes" - M. Isaka (Hokkaido University) "Possible structure change and exotic structure of sd-shell and neutron-rich hypernuclei" - K. Masuda (University of Tokyo) "The equation of state and the maximum mass of neutron stars containing a quark phase" - S. Ohkoda (RCNP) "Exotic mesons with hidden bottom near thresholds" - K. Ohtani (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "A Bayesian analysis of the nucleon QCD sum rules" - M. Okamoto (University of Tsukuba) "Three-dimensional calculation of inhomogeneous nuclear matter" - T. R. Saito (GSI) "Recent results of the HypHI project at GSI" - K. Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "Bottomonium spectral functions at finite temperature from QCD sum rules" - T. Uchino (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "Decay of the Lambda*N quasi-bound state in chiral dynamics" - F. Uchiyama (KEK) "Force saturation in nucleon physics and QCD - Can large scale computational physics show the saturation?" - H. Uechi (Osaka Gakuin University) "Hadron and hadron-quark compact stars" - Y. Yamaguchi (RCNP) "Exotic baryons from a heavy meson and a nucleon" -------------------------- *** Banquet (18:45 - ) *** -------------------------- --------------------------------- February 11 --------------------------------- *** Chair: S. Hashimoto (KEK) 9:10-9:50 (35+5) S. Aoki (Tsukuba University) "Future prospect of hadron physics from lattice QCD" 9:50-10:30 (35+5) A. Parreno (Barcelona University) "Baryonic interactions from Lattice QCD" 10:30-10:55 (20+5) K. Murano (RIKEN) "Spin-orbit force in parity odd sector from Lattice QCD" Break (10:55 - 11:15) *** Chair: H. Toki (RCNP) 11:15-11:55 (35+5) W. Weise (Technische Universitat Munchen) "Chiral symmetry and hadron physics" 11:55-12:20 (20+5) Y. Ikeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "Improved constraints on chiral SU(3) dynamics from kaonic hydrogen" 12:20-12:45 (20+5) T. Hyodo (Tokyo Institute of Technology) "Determination of the pi-Sigma scattering lengths from the weak decays of Lambda_c" Lunch (12:45 - 13:45) *** Chair: T. Hatsuda (University of Tokyo/RIKEN) 13:45-14:25 (35+5) G. Baym (University of Illinois) "Neutron stars and the properties of matter at high density" 14:25-14:50 (20+5) T. Takatsuka (Iwate University) "Two serious problems raised by neutron stars with hyperon mixing" 14:50-15:35 (15+25+5) H. Tamura (Tohoku University) "Tribute to the memory of Professor Osamu Hashimoto" "Strangeness nuclear physics: experiment" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------